Corporate Identity

TierOne The voice of the customer is the only thing that matters for this customer service consultancy. A strong, bold T placed into the O humanized the logo.

Lumetta This company produces high-end architectural lighting fixtures known for their trademark fabric sconces. A clipping of the textured fabric was perfect for the L logo.

Stratsoft For this mapping and demographics C-level consultancy, the map circle was strategically placed on an abstract curve at the point where accelerated growth occurs. This is the time when companies seek out Stratsoft as consultants.

Project: LIFE This consultancy aids kids from middle school through their first professional job. The logo is a double entendre for the organizational tasks they need to complete, as in a “project for their life,” and their futures imagined, as in “projected future life.”

Vinnie’s Saybrook Fish House

Savoir Media The highly clean and abstracted sound wave reflected the professionalism of this public relations firm. The mark had to be strong, elegant, and memorable, but also show that they won’t overpower their clients.

VSM Law An immigration law firm specializing in the Spanish speaking market, thus the accent over the V. The V also represented Víctor, the founder, and victory in winning their cases.


UI exploration for a planning tool

These mock-ups show various UI examples for a planning application. The primary goal of this exercise was to explore unique and interesting UIs that showed relationships amongst various bits of information, how they might be visually connected, and how one could extract and navigate to multiple layers of information. / full details >


Internal Flash presentation

Flash presentation for educating internal workforce on the company’s Sustainable Investing efforts. Audio tracks and videos as well as simple interactions were all part of the presentation.
/ full details >


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