A Twofer

One of the things that I like to stress is that I’m pretty well balanced with both Left- and Right-brained characteristics. Yeah I know many people say this, but when I view a website and try to get a sense of the particular branding or marketing effort at hand, I also instinctually analyze the user experience, IA, content, or code construction. I view images and photos with awe and emotion, but I also think about the really geeky stuff like boolean math and bit-depth of the pixels. Here are some traits and lighthearted tidbits that help convey a better picture of myself.

    mY riGhT bRaiN

  • I believe in the Gestalt principle!
  • Never edit while brainstorming
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
  • Don’t follow recipes verbatim — imagine and experiment
  • Lacrosse rules!

    My Other Right Brain

  • Love teaching math (no lie!)
  • Scope your variables please
  • Premedical diploma
  • Predict Nerf dart accuracy with formulas from physics
  • Periodic table rocks!

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