Transformers magazine ad

This ad was a companion to the TV spot for these particular Transformers. The sky, depth of field, and dirt hill were all created in the awesome in-house photo studio. Plus, getting the figures fully opened up and look like they’re battling was harder than you’d think. Lots of fun!


Nerf magazine ad

The Vortex Ultra Lite football from Nerf was their farthest flying toy. This ad had to be made from many pre-existing parts. The images of the kids and Peyton were stills taken from the video spots during the summertime. The foreshortened photo of the ball was shot in the studio. If you look close enough, the kid and the football don’t go together, but the energy from the boy’s smile, the swirls, and type make it all work. Gestalt! / full details >


My workspace at Hasbro

Hey look! Pencil sketches! One of the few places where you actually had to draw out concepts in pencil and present the idea to some of the toy brands. Definitely kept up your presentation skills, for sure. / full details >

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